Staff Member Who Made Sexually Harassing Comment Revealed To Have Been Fanatics’ CEO

Netizen super-sleuths to the rescue.

Girl group Fanatics were recently caught in the spotlight for their live stream where a male staff member appeared to have made sexually harassing comments towards the members. The male staff also insulted a member who tried to help the girls off-camera.

When the live broadcast first began, the camera was at a normal angle.

“When the live stream started.” | theqoo

It started off as an innocent event where the girls held a raffle to give out a painting to fans.

“The painting that was a prize.” | theqoo

As the broadcast continued, the camera angles start to lower to show the girls’ legs.

Netizens also pointed out that two of the 7 Fanatics members were off camera. Doa from Produce 101 fame was seen wearing a black oversized hoodie.

Pointing out Doa’s presence. | theqoo

Another member, Yoonhye, was revealed as the “female staff” who passed them the blanket to help cover the girls’ exposed legs.

Pointing out Yoonhye. | theqoo
Yoonhye passing them a blanket. | theqoo

According to netizens who analyzed the live stream, the most shocking revelation was that the members called the camera operator, “CEO”.

“CEO who was also the cameraman.” | theqoo

The camera operator was the man who is heard allegedly slapping Yoonhye off-camera, telling her that he was angling the camera specifically to show off the members’ legs and that she was a “fool” for trying to cover them.

Currently, online communities are rife with discussion as many speculate the CEO of Fanatics’ agency to be a chaebol son from one of the top mart companies in South Korea. While his identity has not been confirmed, the agency on the other hand has released an official apology for their staff members’ actions.

The members returning the jacket. | theqoo
Source: theqoo