Some Of Your Favorite Fan Cams May Be Gone From YouTube Forever And Here’s Why

Download them while you can.

Due to copyright issues and contracts, it seems like broadcasting companies including SBS, MBC and KBS will now have to take down their official stage fan cams from YouTube or they will have to pay a hefty portion of profits to the entertainment companies.

| Newsis

Music shows such as Music Core, The Show and Inkigayo all often upload individual fan cams of the idols that perform on these stages. These include face cams and stage choreography cams. However, it seems that these may soon have to be taken down. This is as they are earning a profit off the YouTube views and this profit was not given back to the entertainment companies.

| The Show

A representative from the Fair Trade Commission Board explained that the contract between these broadcasting companies and entertainment agencies for music shows usually only gives rights for broadcast and TV purposes, rather than for YouTube. Broadcasting stations are not allowed to “resell” these content for profit, be it on YouTube or other streaming platforms. If there are additional uses of the artist’s portraiture that turn a profit, they will have to make changes to the contract or pay up a portion of the profits.

| Music Core

Unfortunately, this has caused multiple music shows to already start taking down the fan cams off YouTube. The Show and Music Core have already begun this process, causing fans to scramble to download the videos before more are taken down.


Source: Newsis