Wholesome Fancam Footage Of Han So Hee And Yoo Ah In Interacting Is Breaking The Internet

The Netflix king and queen have officially met.

The 2021 Asia Artist Awards recently took place back on December 2 and all of South Korea’s biggest stars attended the ceremony. While the event made headlines back at the time of its premiere, one particular moment is belatedly creating a stir online for its wholesome content.

Poster for the 2021 Asia Artist Awards | Star News

My Name actress Han So Hee and Hellbound‘s Yoo Ah In were captured by a fan sharing an adorable interaction with one another—and the clip was made public for all online viewers. In the short clip, Yoo Ah In can be seen making the first initiation, as he leans over to Han So Hee while saying something to the actress. Following that brief introduction, the two gorgeous actors share a few other words and an adorable laugh with one another.

This brief interaction created quite a buzz online, as netizens began to comment on the two’s visual chemistry while demanding for a production with both the two stars.

| theqoo
  • “What is this…the chemistry is so good.”
  • “Wow, please film something together…”
  • “Wow they’re so cute.”
  • “This is so heartwarming.”
  • “Please do a production together!!!!”
  • “I like the two of them.”
  • “They’re so cute.”
Han So Hee (left) and Yoo Ah In (right) | Chosun, Star News

While no one will ever know what the two conversed about, fans can only hope that they will be able to see Han So Hee and Yoo Ah In in one production some day.

In related news, Han So Hee recently confirmed her appearance in an upcoming K-Drama titled Soundtrack #1, which will be directed by Vincenzo‘s director. She will be acting in the romance series alongside Park Hyung Sik as the female lead. The production will be airing sometime in 2022.

Han So Hee.

On the other hand, Yoo Ah In has been busy riding his recent Hellbound fame, as he continues to get featured in interview after interview to talk about the thrilling series. The actor also has some amazing 2022 plans, as his upcoming Netflix film Seoul Vibe is slated to premiere sometime next year as well.

Yoo Ah In.
Source: theqoo