A Fancam Of Red Velvet’s Joy In This Sexy Red Outfit Is Causing Quite The Stir Among Fans

Just a few seconds of Joy being the sexy goddess that she is.

Red Velvet‘s Joy is quite the sexy icon!

On November 23 and 24, Red Velvet held their 3rd solo tour La Rouge in Seoul. Going with the theme of the concert, all the members were dressed in red, and looked absolutely gorgeous!

Joy was dressed in a shiny 2-piece red outfit with a flower in her hair, and was a total show stealer!

It was, however, this fancam of Joy dancing to the group’s B-side track “Bing Bing” that has been driving Reveluvs absolutely crazy!


Joy has been hitting headlines again and again for her sexy and mature beauty, and fans are absolutely in love with her talent, visuals and charm!


What do you think of Joy in this fancam?

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