Fans Are 100% Convinced Solji Is Making Her Comeback on “King of Masked Singer”

A contestant has EXID fans turning into conspiracy theorists.

A contestant on the most recent episode of King of Masked Singer called “Dongmakgol Girl” has EXID fans turning into conspiracy theorists.

18 months after being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, Solji confirmed earlier this month that she has fully recovered and will be returning to the music scene soon.

Solji Personally Confirms Her Upcoming Return To EXID Promotions


Considering Solji was techincially the first ever Masked King, and made her stunning vocals even more famous, it would be the ideal place for her long-awaited comeback.


Dongmakgol Girl’s voice had fans swearing that she is Solji.


EXID fans have taken to analyzing not only Dongmakgol Girl’s vocal colour but her slight hand movements as well.


Solji was also spotted recently with dark hair and the contestant had dark strands of hair peeking out as well.


LEGGOs even pointed out that the individual talent Dongmakgol Girl did was the same one Solji did years ago.


Either way, we hope EXID and LEGGO are united again soon!