Fans Accuse WAKEONE Of Homophobia Over Its Treatment Of ZEROBASEONE’s Sung Hanbin And Zhang Hao

The recent allegation stem from a poll.

Fans have leveled accusations of homophobia towards WAKEONE over its treatment of ZEROBASEONE members, specifically Zhang Hao and Sung Hanbin.

ZEROBASEONE’s Sung Hanbin (left) and Zhang Hao (right) | Mnet 

Viewers of Boys Planet are familiar with the close friendship between Zhang Hao and Hanbin. During the show’s finale, the two went viral for their interactions as they placed first and second.

Since then, fans have enjoyed seeing how close the two are, including hearing stories from each man about the other.

ZEROBASEONE’s Zhang Hao And Sung Hanbin’s TMIs About Each Other Have Fans In Their Feelings

Unfortunately, fans have been given reason to believe WAKEONE has taken homophobic steps against the pair’s close relationship.

Recently, Forbes Korea ran a poll on the Idol Champion app, asking fans to vote for the idol pair with the most chemistry. The winners of the poll were to receive a one-page ad as well as a news PR story in the magazine’s October edition.

| Idol Champ

Zhang Hao and Hanbin won the poll with over 60% of the votes, leaving fans excited about the special feature of their friendship. When the edition preview was shared, fans were surprised to see that instead of a photo of the two, a picture of ZEROBASEONE was included.

| Forbes Korea

After fans’ initial complaints, Idol Champ apologized, stating that the photo was used because there were no “official images” of Zhang Hao and Hanbin.

The app also printed Zhang Hao and Hanbin’s names on the back of the ad to make up for the issue.

| Idol Champ
| @iamzerocola/Twitter

While Idol Champ admitted their fault, many fans feel WAKEONE still has some responsibility, pointing out how there are official images of the two idols together that the company could have provided.

This, combined with allegations that WAKEONE has attempted to keep Zhang Hao and Hanbin separated due to their closeness, has led fans to believe that the company has homophobic intentions.

Without speculating about their sexualities, this sort of behavior, if true, could be considered homophobia.