ENHYPEN Becomes First K-Pop Boy Group To Endorse A Lingerie Brand — Fans React

They are the first K-Pop boy group to do so.

ENHYPEN‘s latest endorsement deal has fans bewildered. They will be the first K-Pop boy group to endorse a women’s lingerie brand. Japanese brand Peach John unveiled a teaser of their latest models. The shadows of the seven members were easy for fans to identify.

A quick scan of their social medias and website reveal that the brand specializes in lingerie for women. Of course, they also sell loungewear such as pajama sets!

Peach John’s Instagram.

Fans were certain that the boys were the new ambassadors when they realized that the members have worn pajamas from the brand before. Jungwon went on live stream wearing their adorable cat pajamas.

Fans were shocked at first…

…but later took it in stride.

Fans are excited to see the collaboration!

Of course, the brand has already announced through their social media that the boys will be wearing their new loungewear collection.

Peach John’s Twitter.

Fans can expect to see the campaign photos at midnight on January 31, 2024. It also looks like they might planning on providing merchandise such as photocards with each purchase, as part of a “novelty campaign.”