Fans Ask For The Cancellation Of “My Ugly Duckling” In Light Of Controversy And Ongoing Backlash

They don’t want to see Park Soo Hong’s mother anymore.

The backlash surrounding My Ugly Duckling has officially reached its peak, as fans are now protesting the variety show and asking for a cancellation.

“My Ugly Duckling” poster | SBS

Just a few days ago, comedian Park Soo Hong shocked the nation after he confirmed the circulating rumors about his brother. It was reported that Park Soo Hong’s older brother and sister-in-law took off with 30 years of the comedian’s earnings, which totaled at approximately ₩10.0 billion KRW (about $8.86 million USD.) In light of this news, updates have been pouring out in support of the comedian, with numerous allegations being made against his family members, including his mother.

Comedian Park Soo Hong | @park_soohong/Instagram

Park Soo Hong and his mother have been fixed cast mates on the popular SBS program, My Ugly Duckling. The variety show focuses on the mothers of celebrities, who sit on a panel as they watch and commentate on their children’s daily lives. The show is known for their older cast who are living their lives as single men.

Still of Park Soo Hong’s mother (left) and Park Soo Hong (right) on “My Ugly Duckling” | SBS

Park Soo Hong and his mother are the only cast mates to have been with the program since its pilot episode back in 2016. They have been a beloved duo since the show’s first episode due to their hilarious interactions, but it seems that reign may be officially over. Netizens and fans were quick to criticize Park Soo Hong’s mother in light of the controversy, alleging that she knew about the embezzlement from the beginning.

Fans of the show have been asking for not just the removal of Park Soo Hong’s mother from the program, but for the entire show to be cancelled due to numerous reasons. A post was uploaded onto an online community explaining why My Ugly Duckling should no longer run.

| Nate

To be honest, the men that are featured on the show have earned as much as they can earn and were very popular. Honestly, they are still popular to this day, but I don’t understand why they use their sons as a method of income.

Do they really believe that these men can’t get married because there’s an issue with them? Watching the mothers shake their heads at their sons doesn’t sit right with me…the more I watch it, the more irritating it gets. They’re mother-in-laws I would hate.

Their sons are all old, but they nitpick when they eat, drink or smoke. It’s not like they participated in prostitution or something shocking.

— Online community user

The online community user further elaborated by sharing that it wasn’t just because of the controversy surrounding Park Soo Hong, but that there are numerous other reasons why My Ugly Duckling should be cancelled.

I didn’t understand the premise of the show even before the Park Soo Hong controversy. It just seemed like they were making fun of their own sons and gaslighting their child for lacking in different ways.

It doesn’t seem right that these mothers make fun of their sons on camera just because their sons aren’t married at their age. Their sons couldn’t play like others when they were younger because they were busy working. Now their sons just want to rest, play how they want to play and eat what they want to eat…is that so hard to accept?

— Online community user

This post garnered a lot of positive attention from fellow online community users. Many others chimed in with their thoughts, sharing their reasons why they don’t enjoy the program anymore and why they also believe that the show should be cancelled.

| Nate
  • “Honestly, I used to watch bits of this show with my mom because she enjoyed it, but now I don’t want to watch it because I feel bad for Park Soo Hong. (He said that his parents didn’t know what was going on, but after reading comments related to the situation, I can’t help but wonder if that’s really true.)”
  • “I felt like the show was making fun of the stereotypes made against old bachelors (which is a term that’s disappearing) so I never liked it.”
  • “Please get rid of the mother who gave birth to Park Soo Hong. It’s really annoying to watch her act like she’s all pure when she talks about her family. It makes me want to throw up.”
  • “Park Soo Hong’s mother opposed the thought of him getting married that much, but she makes fun of him by saying ‘why is he like that’ or ‘he should get married’ whenever a female guest would be on the show. She always showed interest and it pissed me off. His sister-in-law is a crazy bi*ch, but how can she confidently tell the story of how she called her daughter-in-law to vent?”

In light of the scrutiny, SBS previously addressed the backlash that had started to form, stating that “there has been no decision made in regards to Park Soo Hong’s mother’s removal from the show.” In addition to their statement, they also decided to cancel the airing of this week’s episode due to the ongoing situation. However, SBS has not yet addressed the requests being made in regards to the cancellation of the show.

Source: Insight and Nate