Fans Can’t Get Enough Of The Old Photos Of NewJeans’ Hyein And CLASS:y’s Riwon That Revealed Their Childhood Friendship

The newest K-Pop bestie duo just dropped.

NewJeans and CLASS:y are two contemporary fourth-generation K-Pop groups, both of whom have made their marks in the industry within a short period of debuting.

| @newjeans_official/Instagram
| @m25_classy/Instagram

Recently, fans discovered some old pictures of NewJeans’ maknae Hyein and CLASS:y member Riwon together, showcasing their close friendship since a very young age.

Hyein | @newjeans_official/Instagram
Riwon | @m25_classy/Instagram

Before debuting with CLASS:y, Riwon used to work as a child actress in the web series My YouTube Diary. She also featured in multiple ad films and participated as a cast member on Tooniverse. On the other hand, Hyein was also a well-known face in her predebut era. She starred in The Girl’s Double Life web drama and the TV show Tok! Tok! Boni! Hani! as well.

Riwon in “My YouTube Diary” | Tooniverse/YouTube
Hyein in “The Girls Double Life” | Pocket TV/ YouTube

Some of the recently surfaced pictures show that the two idols often hung out together and were pretty close, even as little kids.

The two also worked together during the pageant of Miss Intercontinental Japan 2019.

Some hawk-eyed fans also noticed that last year Hyein interacted with Riwon’s Instagram post from her personal account. In the comment section, Hyein and Riwon were joking around with fellow child-actress Ahn Seung Bi.


  • Seung Bi: “Our pretty Riwon…You can do everything!! Love you, pretty girl.
  • Riwon: “As expected…Our ever-supportive aunt is the best.”
  • Hyein: “Aunt’s love seems to be overflowing.”

In all probability, the duo is still very close, given how Riwon made sure to post a dance cover of NewJeans’ “Hype Boy” on CLASS:y’s social media accounts.

Fans are now hoping that they can see these two interact on screen as idols in the near future.


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