Fans Capture An Adorable Moment Between BLACKPINK’s Lisa And Rosé At Incheon Airport

The two idols continue to prove they’re truly besties.

BLACKPINK is heading to New York in preparation for their performance at the 2022 VMAs.

(From left to right) BLACKPINK’s Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé | @BLACKPINK/Twitter

The members were pictured together at the airport for the first time in three years. They looked stunning, rocking their outfits that perfectly captured each of their individual charms.

Media flocked to take pictures of the four members together, and fans gathered to see the group off before their flight, catching heartwarming exchanges between the members of the group and BLACKPINK’s sweet interactions with fans.

Once at the airport, Jisoo and Jennie stuck together while Lisa and Rosé paired up to spend time before their flight.

As the two youngest members of the group, they always have fun together, and fans love their hilarious interactions. On a live broadcast in July, they showed their adorable friendship when Lisa went to Rosé’s house.

When Lisa told Rosé she was hungry, the older member made sure to make Lisa a homemade meal. While acknowledging it was a sweet gesture, Lisa jokingly teased Rosé about the steak she had bought for dinner, showing their sibling-like bond.



The two continued to show their close friendship while waiting at the airport. They were seen passing the time in various ways, including enjoying a meal together.

They also spent some time browsing the luxury stores in the airport, such as Hermes and the Saint Laurent boutique.

While at the Saint Laurent boutique, fans caught an adorable moment between Rosé and Lisa. At the entrance of the store was a giant photo of Rosé modeling for Saint Laurent. Rosé has been a global ambassador for the luxury brand since 2020.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa taking Rose’s photo in front of her Saint Laurent photos | @rosedailyupdate/Twitter

In a video of the moment, Rosé is seen cutely posing in front of her photo and shyly laughing as fans passing by also took their own pictures of the star. Lisa expertly angles the camera to ensure she takes the perfect photos of her bestie.

Their sweet interactions only made fans more grateful to have the members back together.

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