Rude Fans Scream While IU Gives Heart-Breaking Speech Over Jonghyun’s Death

Some fans inappropriately cheered on while IU delivered an emotional speech.

IU has been making headlines after her beautiful speech at the 2018 Golden Disc Awards, where she mentioned how Jonghyun’s passing had affected her.

(★BREAKING) Watch IU’s Heartbreaking Speech About Jonghyun, At The Golden Disk Awards

However, fans, from the event as well as those watching from home, were upset at how some people were disrespectful towards IU as she was giving a highly emotional speech.

During her speech, WANNA ONE was shown on camera at the event and fans screamed at the sight of their favorite artist. A fancam captured Wanna One’s reaction to hearing people cheer during IU’s speech and some mentioned that Ha Sungwoon looked a little upset.

Soon after, BTS was shown on screen and ARMY yelled in a similar fashion. You can see BTS’s expression in this fancam, who remained solemn during the whole speech.

Posts on online communities expressed outrage and hoped that the fandoms would reflect on their mistake.

“It was rude and troublesome. I’m disappointed in our fandom. Let’s just acknowledge we were wrong and reflect.” 

“Couldn’t those Wannables and ARMY who were there assess the situation?” 

“I didn’t upload this to receive an apology, I just want to say I wish all of you had been respectful to the person who passed away and the person giving their acceptance speech.” 

—Online Communities Reactions to Fans Screaming During IU’s Speech 

Nonetheless, IU was not affected by the cheers and continued her speech flawlessly. She also made sure to remind everyone to “take care of themselves first as they are people too.”


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