Fans Raging As News Emerges That A K-Pop Group With A COVID-Positive Member Is Being Forced To Participate Alongside Healthy Idols At ISAC 2022

They could endanger other idols too.

It was recently announced that EPEX‘s Geum Donghyun tested positive for COVID-19. As such, he would not be able to participate in the scheduled recording for 2022’s ISAC.

Hello. This is C9 Entertainment. EPEX’s Geum Donghyun was scheduled to appear in the futsal category for the 2022 ISAC Chuseok Special on MBC. However, he tested positive for COVID-19 on July 26, 2022, and will be unable to participate in the recording.

We wish to inform you that the other 7 members, Wish, MU, A-Min, Baekseung, Ayden, Yewang and Jeff will continue to participate in the program recording as planned. Thank you.

— C9 Entertainment

It is the first return of ISAC since the pandemic. Over a hundred idols would be gathering in a huge sports complex to film the show. The show is already negatively viewed by idol fans thanks to the dangers of the show. Over the years, many injuries have emerged from the show as idols are forced to compete in various sporting events. On the other hand, with the pandemic not yet completely over, it would be a breeding ground for the virus. However, the show is notorious for the way rookie groups are pretty much forced to participate. Insiders claim that if they do not participate in the show, they could face unspoken penalties from the broadcaster such as being excluded from variety shows or given less screen-time on music shows.

Idols gathered at 2018’s ISAC. | MBC

Although C9 Entertainment avoided mentioning the mandatory nature of ISAC, fans are concerned for the wellbeing of EPEX and the other participating idols. Since Donghyun has tested positive and is isolating in the dorms, there would be a high chance that another member would have caught the virus too. The virus may go undetected for up to a week in the incubation stage.

Fans are worried about the other idols on the show.

| Instiz
  • “No but…It’s possible that the other members could test positive over the next few days…Are they just going to let them go to the recording like that?”
  • “That’s right, with so many people gathered there…?”
  • “They’re probably going to film without masks too, in a place with tens of other idols…”
  • “Huh, is that even possible?”
  • “Gasp…can they just go like that? They’re probably not going to use masks.”
  • “Aren’t the other members dangerous too since they’re all living in the same dorm?”
  • “I’ve 3 friends who went to EPEX’s fanmeeting and got COVID”
  • “They should cancel everyone’s appearance. What are they doing”
  • “Shouldn’t the rest be quarantined?”

Although it is not mandatory by law to quarantine anymore if you test negative despite coming in contact with a confirmed case, in most situations, self-quarantine measures are taken voluntarily for precaution. In EPEX’s case, it is a tough one given that they are everything but forced to appear on the show as fresh rookies.

Source: Instiz