Fans Are Concerned Former PRISTIN Members’ Group HINAPIA Has Secretly Disbanded

4 PRISTIN members may be going through the same fate yet again.

Fans are concerned that several former PRISTIN members are going to have the same fate as PRISTIN, as they believe HINAPIA has secretly disbanded.

HINAPIA is a group that debuted in November 2019 with their first single “Drip”. The group consists of five members, four of whom were part of PRISTIN before their sudden disbandment in May 2019.

Bada is the only member to not have been a part of PRISTIN, and she was introduced as the groups hidden member.

Yaebin was known as Rena while she was in PRISTIN.

Eunwoo kept the same stage name from PRISTIN.

Gyeongwon was known as Yuha during her time with PRISTIN.

Minkyeung was known as Roa during her time with PRISTIN.

After PRISTIN disbanded, most of the members left Pledis Entertainment, with only Kyulkyung, Sungyeon, and Yehana staying with the company. However, Kyulkyung later decided to file a lawsuit against Pledis Entertainment, and there have been no updates about Sungyeon and Yehana since then.

With the desire to continue being an idol, Minkyeung revealed she personally recruited her former PRISTIN members to form a new group, and even searched for an agency willing to take them in and debut them. They eventually debuted under OSR Entertainment.

However, the reason why fans think HINAPIA have disbanded is because the group’s social media account has gone completely silent. Their last post was on June 2, 2020, two months ago.

Minkyeung also held an Instagram live broadcast recently, and revealed OSR Entertainment didn’t say a word to her for her birthday, which was on July 29.

Minkyeung’s birthday was not the only birthday OSR Entertainment missed though. They missed Eunwoo’s birthday as well, as her birthday on July 1 passed without any mention of a “happy birthday.” OSR Entertainment did post birthday messages for their members, as shown by their post for Bada’s birthday on May 28.

In addition, the HINAPIA members, who used to be very active on the group’s fancafe, suddenly stopped posted after June 9. This came as a surprise to many fans, as they were used to frequent visits and comments from the HINAPIA members.

While the members are still interacting with each other, especially on social media, they have not mentioned HINAPIA since June.

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Some fans are concerned the group may be disbanding due to the negative effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. Many smaller or lesser known groups receive a majority of their income from event performance fees, and due to the Coronavirus pandemic, such events are not happening anymore. Boy group Spectrum is one example of a group that disbanded due to their company’s worsening financial situation.