Fans Concerned As ITZY’s Chaeryeong Was Helped Off Stage By Lia After Apparently Experiencing Stomach Pain

She couldn’t keep a straight face during her ending fairy moment.

The ITZY members are known for being true professionals who consistently deliver killer performances. Each member gives their absolute best for every stage they have, and like many idols, they power through most unexpected challenges and difficulties for the enjoyment of their fans.

ITZY performing at the 2022 MAMA Awards (formerly known as the Mnet Asian Music Awards) | Mnet K-POP /YouTube

Because of this, it was alarming for fans to see ITZY’s main dancer, Chaeryeong, apparently having severe stomach pain after their performance at SBS’s 2022 Gayo Daejeon. In the video, Lia helps Chaeryeong walk off stage after their performance of their songs “What I Want” and “Cheshire.”

Some fans also noticed Chaeryeong couldn’t keep a straight face during her ending fairy moment, suggesting she might have been in pain the entire time she was dancing. Others also said the girls might be overworked, which has led to injuries.

A more distanced view of the moment captured Chaeryeong unable to walk off stage as the lights went out and Lia turning back to assist her.

Currently, no official statement has been made to confirm what happened. Hopefully, it’s nothing serious, and Chaeryeong can recover quickly.


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