Fans Concerned Following Singer AleXa’s Recent Posts On Twitter

She took to Twitter to share a series of posts concerning mental health.

In the age of social media, celebrities often use their platforms to voice concerns, share moments of happiness, and occasionally, vent out their thoughts. Recently, singer AleXa, known for her time as a Produce 48 competitor, took to Twitter to share a series of posts concerning mental health.

AleXa in “Produce 48” | Mnet

While her intent seemed to be to raise awareness about the significance of mental well-being, her tweets struck a chord of concern among her fans, leaving them worried about the singer’s emotional state.

| @alexa_zbofficial/Instagram

In one of her tweets, AleXa wrote about life being “horrifying” at times and asked her fans to check up on their friends if they don’t seem okay. The raw vulnerability of her words struck a nerve with her vast following, prompting an outpouring of messages asking about her well-being.

To clarify her earlier tweet, AleXa followed up with a subsequent post, saying that, while her mental health isn’t in a good place right now, her tweets weren’t about herself. Rather, the singer alluded that someone close to her might’ve gone missing and described the experience of getting a call notifying her of that as “terrifying.” Though she assured her fans that her tweets weren’t directly about her, the overall sentiment created ripples of concern.

As is often the case in tight-knit fan communities, AleXa’s fans swiftly came together to offer her support. Replies flooded in with messages like, “I hope you and your friends are safe!! Please take care of yourself as well,” and “i hope everything is okay:( love you lots.”

However, beyond the immediate reactions of concern for AleXa, her tweets also sparked a broader conversation about mental health, its importance, and the value of open dialogue. Many fans resonated with her message, underscoring the significance of communicating with friends and loved ones during challenging times.  One fan noted, “It’s the way I was just talking to my best friend today and every other night about where I am mentally bc it’s safer for me to tell her than to just marinate in my thoughts by myself.

The conversation also moved towards the importance of providing support without judgment or invalidation. As one user aptly put it, “and don’t make your friends feel shitty by invalidating all their feelings!

Highlighting the weight celebrities hold in contemporary society, some fans expressed gratitude towards AleXa for using her platform to discuss pressing issues. “Some idols are really needed in this world. Thanks for reminding,” wrote a fan.

In a world where public figures are expected to maintain a facade of perpetual happiness and resilience, AleXa’s tweets, even if unintentionally, shattered that narrative. By highlighting the importance of mental health awareness and urging people to look beyond surface appearances, she underscored a message that resonates with many: It’s okay not to be okay, but it’s crucial to talk about it.