Fans Have Cracked The Code On The Meaning Behind IVE’s “After LIKE”

It’s not just about a crush on someone!

Did you know that IVE‘s entire concept was built on the Greek myth of Narcissus. Although things weren’t clear when the girls debuted with “ELEVEN”, the concept became obvious with “LOVE DIVE” and their latest comeback with “After LIKE” cemented it.

“ELEVEN” seemingly talked about a girl falling in love with her crush. The song talks about the feelings of immense excitement and happiness around someone you like. While most of the lyrics are rather typical, fans were caught by one particular line that invokes the element of water.

The transparence between you and me, when I stay still and look at it, I fall deeper into the wavering waves.


IVE performing ‘ELEVEN”. | Starship Entertainment

Comparing that with “LOVE DIVE”, the song also invokes the element of water. The title itself hints at diving into the blue. Not only that, but the mirror choreography, the lyrics, and the unique placement of the photos in the photobook convinced fans that the girls were singing about being in love with oneself.

“Because Narcissus was looking at his reflection in the water… the album is mirrored by halves down the center. Goosebumps…” | Nate Pann via theqoo

Why the elements of water and reflections, you ask? The concept of IVE is built on the Greek legend of Narcissus! Narcissus was a Greek God that famously died after falling into a pond. He was struck by Cupid’s arrow and was cursed to fall in love with the first thing he saw. Unfortunately, that happened to be his own reflection in a pond. He was so entranced by himself that he fell in and drowned.

Note how the chorus of “LOVE DIVE” refers to this tale.

Narcissistic, my god I love it.


Concept photo for “After LIKE”. | Starship Entertainment

How does “After LIKE” tie in with the tale? Its lyrics are the most telling. During the chorus, the girls question what comes after liking someone. Of course, while it could also be taken as the feeling of a crush, the lyrics have a double meaning that hints at the Narcissus theme.

What’s after like? You-ooh and I-I, it’s more than like. L- then, O- then, me, yeah yeah yeah.

— “After LIKE”

Not only do the lyrics sing about falling into the stage after like, which is love, but it also alludes to oneself. When you look at it another way, if you put “me” (“I”) and the two missing letters, -V and -E together, it spells out IVE.

With each comeback, fans always get a delightful double message of learning to “fall in love with oneself” as well as to become even greater fans of IVE! Take a listen to the song for yourself below!

Source: YouTube