Accusations against Disney for plagiarizing INFINITE’s “Come Back Again” resurface

Back in July 2014, Korean netizens spotted the uncanny similarity between a Disney soundtrack and INFINITE’s debut track “Come Back Again,” and has recently become a hot topic once again.

On Jnauary 4th, a fan posted another update on Nate Pann, a famous Korean online community board, titled “Disney Sensitive to Copyright Issues.”

They wrote, “Everyone knows how Disney is sensitive to copyright issues. Was it in Japan? Some kids had drawn Mickey Mouse on their playground , and Disney had demanded they erase it.” They go on to describe the situation that was brought up last summer.

The original posted provided links to the accused song, as well as a dual audio version which played both songs simultaneously, pleading for netizens to like her post and gather more attention to the alleged plagiarism.

Some critics also pointed out that despite all the hype and frustration on the issue in July 2014, there was only one Korean article written about it by The Kukmin Daily.

Woollim Entertainment, on the other hand, acknowledged the plagiarism account back in July and stated that they had been notified on the similarities used in the song “Queen of the Dance Floor,” which played Disney Channel Argentina’s show Violetta 3. It was further mentioned that they have contacted the original songwriter for the track to find out the details of the allegations. However, since then, there has been no follow-ups on this issue.

INFINITE’s “Come Back Again” was released in June 2010, written by Kim Bu Min and composed by Hitchhiker, while Violetta’s “Queen of the Dance Floor” was recently released in 2014.

Check out the audio comparisons before and tell us what you think of the allegations.

INFINITE’s “Come Back Again”:

Audio of Violetta 3’s OST “Queen of the Dance Floor”:

Source: Pann