Fans Debunk Accusation That SEVENTEEN’s DK Was Texting During A Video Call Fansign

“You were chatting with someone through text for at least 30 seconds.”

SEVENTEEN‘s DK has recently been part of a controversy as a fan accused the idol of texting during their video call fansign. The situation divided netizens, with some being surprised by his shocking behavior while others say DK did nothing wrong. However, Carats were quickly able to prove that DK was not the one texting during the video call.

DK | @dk_is_dokyeom/Instagram

The recording of the video call, posted on Weibo, started circling online platforms yesterday. The fan also posted on Weibo, explaining the situation and what made them think DK was texting during their video call.

Even as I saw numerous posts about your groupmates in the past couple of days, I was confident that it wouldn’t happen to you. Because I really trust you, and I’ve told all my friends that you’re the best guy out of everyone I’ve stanned.

Today, when a fellow fan told me that it seems like I was put on the small window during the video call with you, I zoomed in to look at the reflection on your glasses for the first time. Because I wanted to find evidence that you didn’t switch me to the small window and refute her.

The result? I saw something even more explosive…..It turns out when you were listening to me talk, from what can be seen in the reflection, you were chatting with someone through text for at least 30 seconds. The more ironic thing is, I asked if you had your phone with you and asked if we could take a selfie. The reflection showed you pushing your phone away and told me “sorry, no.”

I can understand this might be your agency’s rules, but while you’re not allowed to take selfies, you’re allowed to play on your phone?

I tried to find a reasonable explanation for you. I wondered if I’m not beautiful enough, maybe my Korean is not good enough, maybe I’m not as fun as the other fans. But I can’t think of anything that would be so urgent, for you to have to respond to during the fansign. Why couldn’t you even wait for 2 minutes?I don’t know how I should feel right now.

The happiness you’ve given me is not fake, but the shock that I’m in right now is also real. I don’t know if I should leave the fandom. It’s so sad. Even in this situation, it seems like I can’t just be relentless and stop liking you.

Another fan shared a clip of the recording on Twitter — where many expressed their opinions on the matter.

Some sided with the fan, saying that they spent a lot of money to talk to DK for a minute and that “there is zero tolerance for this behavior.”

Carats, on the other hand, said that the fan is exaggerating. Many joked that DK was texting them, and others theorized that something important was happening that required him to text.

A fan even shared their own video call experience, where they were on their phone, and said DK “was being patient like a decent person.

After a while, Carats were able to find evidence that DK was not the one texting during the video call, suggesting that the reflection was someone else texting.

DK is not the one texting LMAO. You can see in this video how he has both his hands in the camera frame, but his glasses show the same reflection of someone texting. Stop believing the other video and take a look at this clip as well.


Meanwhile, in another video, you can see the SEVENTEEN star is only looking down to sign autographs.


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