Fans Demand Answers Regarding OMEGA X’s “Messy” And “Disorganized” World Tour Following The Alleged Cancellation Of US Concerts

The group are currently on the South America leg of the tour.

 OMEGA X’s official Twitter account posted an updated flier with the three dates (Boston, Wilkes Barre, and San Francisco) removed from it.

Fans of the “second chance” K-Pop group OMEGA X were thrilled when the group was announced to depart on their first world tour earlier this year.

OMEGA X | @OMEGAX_official/Twitter

The North American leg of the tour was scheduled to begin on October 1st in Boston, Massachusettes, and consisted of 14 concerts across 12 states. Fans were excited that the group announced shows in cities that are not normally included in K-Pop concert tours.

Just a few days before the tour was supposed to start, fans noticed that the Lawrence, Kansas date of the show was no longer showing up on the venue’s website. Previously, CODE1 entertainment, the entity organizing the tour, announced that the group would be performing in Lawrence instead of the previously announced Kansas City.

This time, no announcement was made, and fans discovered that there was already a new act added to the venue’s schedule the night that OMEGA X were supposed to perform in addition to receiving a notice that the show was canceled.

One fan even reached out to the act that replaced the K-Pop group on the schedule to confirm that they had booked the venue.

Following this alleged cancellation, an alert that the Orlando and Denver dates were canceled was sent out by each respective venue, with the Filmore Auditorium in Denver responding to fan direct messages and confirming the announcement.

A fan’s DM with a venue regarding the Omega X concert. | @stvrlandcl/Twitter

Many fans still had hope that the remaining dates would continue without an issue, but the following day allegedly received emails from multiple venues that the entire US leg of the tour would be canceled.

Just hours before this, OMEGA X’s official Twitter account shared a notice that the Los Angeles tour date had been changed and that the Boston, Wilkes Barre, and San Francisco dates were canceled. It is worth noting that not all fans can access the fancafe where the announcement was posted which has caused even more confusion.

OMEGA X’s announcement | OMEGA X Fancafe

Demands for both CODE1 entertainment and the group’s company, SPIRE Entertainment, to give an explanation and post an official announcement have been directed toward the companies with no results yet.

As of yet, no official announcements regarding the tour’s status have been shared by either company beyond the cancellation of the Boston, Wilkes Barre, and San Francisco dates.