Meet The 11 Members Of OMEGA X, The Boy Group Made Up Of ONLY Survival Show Contestants And Current Idols

The 11 members have been revealed.

The 11 members of OMEGA X have been revealed, and all of them are male idols who have previously debuted with a different boy group and participated in survival shows.

SPIRE Entertainment has officially revealed all 11 members of the group, announcing the birth of their new K-Pop Avengers group. In total, the 11 members come from eight different boy groups, and some of the members also participated on survival shows such as MIXNINE, Produce 101 Season 2, and The Unit. The members are…

Seven O’Clock‘s Song Han Gyeom

ENOi‘s J-Kid (Han Jeong Hoon)

ENOi’s Gun (Yang Hyuk)

ENOi’s Jinwoo (Park Jin Woo)

SPECTRUM‘s Jaehan (Kim Jae Han)

1THE9‘s Yechan (Shin Ye Chan)

GIDONGDAE‘s Kim Taedong

LIMITLESS‘s Raychan (Lee Hwi Chan)

Snuper‘s Sebin (Jung Se Bin)

1TEAM‘s Jehyun (Moon Je Hyun)

and 1TEAM’s Jinwoo (Lee Jin Woo)

SPIRE Entertainment commented on the hot response OMEGA X received from both domestic and international fans.

As soon as the photos and videos of the OMEGA X members were released, K-Pop fans from around the world poured their attention and expectations towards the group.

The members of OMEGA X each have had their own circumstances in the past, and we spent a year just casting the members for our group. We ask for your enthusiastic support for the members who are working together towards their dream.

— SPIRE Entertainment

OMEGA X is expected to debut in the first half of 2021, and are preparing for their first album.

Watch OMEGA X’s debut trailer below:

Source: Joy News24

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