Fans Are Divided On Super Junior Shindong’s Statement Regarding (G)I-DLE Shuhua’s Korean Skills

Fans demand an apology.

Recently, the hashtag #신동_사과해 (Shindong Apologize) started trending on Twitter in Korea after a clip of Super Junior’s Shindong and announcer Jang Sung Kyu reportedly mocking (G)I-DLE Shuhua‘s Korean skills.





Fans began posting comments about Shindong’s behavior saying that it felt like he was mocking Shuhua.









“I think you guys don’t know why this is rude or xenophobic. Please don’t be rude to someone who has dealt with a lot of pain and hardships trying their best to live their dream in a foreign country. This is rude, please apologize Shindong.”




“It’s quite obvious that she won’t be as fluent as you two. Thanks for creating this misunderstanding and making people think she’s just some foreigner that acts like she’s fluent in Korean when actually she’s someone who works hard to learn Korean and is pretty good at it.”





Other fans thought differently, saying that Shindong defended her at the end by saying that he applauds her confidence.













Others felt that Jang Sung Kyu’s statement was also rude and that they should both apologize to Shuhua regarding their action’s on the show.






Ultimately, it seems that the words and behaviors have been taken too far out of context, creating chaos between fandoms.





What are your thoughts on this controversy?

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