Fans Demand Better Protection For WayV’s Winwin After New Sasaeng Evidence

New evidence surfaced of the artist being followed and even touched.

Even after SM Entertainment announced they would take strict and swift action against sasaengs, or stalkers, their artists are still suffering from invasions of privacy.

Members of NCT have struggled with sasaengs following them on private schedules and even standing outside of their dorm building.

A photo of sasaengs outside NCT’s dorm.

There’s a lot of fans in front of my house… Must be because the weather’s nice.

Anything for #nct I guess 🤣

They follow [the members] on those scooters.

— Korean netizen

WayV in particular have dealt with sasaengs on numerous occasions. The members have even publicly called them out for interrupting their private free time.

Left to right: Hendery, Kun, Ten, Lucas, YangYang, Winwin, and Xiaojun. | @wayv_official/Twitter

Member Winwin is only the latest to receive harassment from a stalker. According to fans, the idol was followed by a sasaeng while en route to Beijing, China.

Winwin in a campaign for Louis Vuitton. | @wwiinn_7/Instagram

Just recently, evidence surfaced that Winwin had been followed onto both a bus and a plane.

Winwin (back right) and the accused stalker (front).
A photo of one person accused of following Winwin onto a flight.

Allegedly, the idol was seen without any bodyguard or security protecting him, despite WayV’s history of being caught in dangerous situations due to sasaengs at the airport.

A fansite falls in front of Winwin (blue jacket) while taking photos of the group. 

Fans are outraged at the sasaeng‘s behavior, especially after a video was posted of someone touching Winwin’s waist.

They are using the hashtags #PROTECTWINWIN and #SM_RESPECT_WINWIN to demand the company take better care of their artist.

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