Fans demand Tiffany’s return to Unnies on Instagram

Fans have been restless since Tiffany’s departure from “Sister’s Slam Dunk”, voicing their concerns on Instagram.

Since Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany’s Korean Independence Day scandal, Tiffany withdrew her weekly activities on “Unnie’s Slam Dunk”. However, this has caused the ratings to not only drop after her departure but also for fans to voice their wishes for her return to the show.

In the comments section of “Unnie’s Slam Dunk”‘s Instagram account, fans said, “Bring back Tiffany to Unnies”, “Not going to watch Unnies because there is no Tiffany”, “I hope they invite Tiffany back”. Even on Jessi Oh’s Instagram, fans make sure their voices are heard with similar remarks.

However, fans should not despair as Tiffany has made a quiet reappearance on her SNS account for her Hyoyeon’s birthday.