These 3 images prove that WINNER’s Taehyun is a hidden pervert

He is already known for his alleged “bad boy” past despite his angelic visuals. However, fans have uncovered another set of evidence for Nam Taehyun’s weird behaviours. 

A post on Pann listed down a few visual evidence that provided an insight towards Taehyun’s weird ways leaving others to call him perverted. The short list featured Taehyun dancing quite provocatively, caressing his backside while bending over, while another showed in all fours, humping,whilst looking at the camera with his tongue out.

Fans who discovered this post immediately fell in love with his quirky albeit sexual behaviors and the gifs have gained all sorts of attention.

While many netizens have been occassionally unkind to the singer and actor for his alleged rude behaviour, acting skills and “dark magic” vibe, these images show that Nam Taehyun isn’t always as cold as people make him out to be

Checkout his adorable, perverted behaviors down below

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Source: Pann