Fans Discover The “True” Meaning Behind BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Gorgeous Paris Fashion Week Dress

Jisoo best girl, truly!

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo continues to impress fans after BLINKs discovered the deeper meaning behind the dress she wore during Paris Fashion Week.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo | @sooyaaa__/Instagram

On February 27, Jisoo arrived at Incheon Airport, where she greeted the media before her departure. Both fans and non-fans were left in awe of her “first love“-like visuals!

The singer shared cute updates with fans, thanking DIOR for their kind welcome ahead of her fashion show attendance.

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram
| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

On the event day, fans waited in anticipation to see what Jisoo would wear to the show. Her past looks have been headline-worthy, so BLINKs knew she would rock another amazing look.

Jisoo did not disappoint and showed up for the event wearing a stunning purple gown and standing out among the darker wardrobe of many other attendees.

| @guillaume_bsre/Instagram
| Harpers BAZAAR Korea

Fans fell in love with this look very quickly…

…but fell even deeper when discovering its apparent meaning!

March is Women’s History Month and is represented by three colors — white, green, and purple. According to design experts, purple is recognized internationally as the color of women and gender equality. The International Women’s Day website also recognizes the color as representing “justice and dignity.

Suffragette ribbons featuring the colors green, purple, and white. | Yahoo!

Fans have taken Jisoo wearing such a bold color to this event as a way for the star to show support for women worldwide!

Source: Yahoo!


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