Fans Are Dying At The Photos And Videos Korean News Media Chose To Use For BTS

This is the real BTS!

With BTS breaking records left and right, it’s only right that South Korea shed light on their global accomplishments. News outlets have been busy reporting on their various achievements but the photos and videos they used have been gaining much attention from fans.

| Run BTS! screenshot

Out of all the media they could choose from, they have chosen some interesting sources for the news. Let’s take a look at some of the content they used for Korean national television!

Here you can see BTS’s V hitting Jimin‘s foot while having fun. Yes you heard right. This clip was aired on Korean national television.

Here’s another clip of the news reporting on BTS’s new album sales while the video clip shows the members splitting Jin‘s legs.

The timing on this one is so hilarious in that they switched screens to the news anchor just as J-Hope was about to do some pelvic thrusts on national TV.

This news channel just decided to let J-Hope go all out and fans were totally screaming when this aired because don’t we all love “Baepsae” J-Hope?

Here’s the famous J-Hope pelvic thrust with Suga watching with his hand over his mouth!

This news channel used a clip of Jimin saying, “Who coughed” as their video while reporting on celebrities.

The SBS news channel really did just use this clip to start off the morning.

YTN news used a scene of the BTS members all wearing their matching shirts that had BTS written in Korean.

MBC used a bit of Jin and his kissy face…

…while SBS used some close-ups of him as well.

While reporting on Suga’s collab with IU, they once again decided to use sunflower Suga.

After BTS made their second week win on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, fans were just waiting for the Korean news to use their clip they posted to Twitter.

SBS came to the rescue and used the clip for the morning news!

Honestly, it wouldn’t matter whether or not they used serious or funny clips for the news, either way it’s BTS world domination!