Fans Excited For The Spoiler BTOB’s Hyunsik Has Been Hinting At For The Past Year

Fans eagerly hope for “If It Rains”!

According to Cube Entertainment, BTOB’s vocal unit, BTOB-BLUE will be making a comeback in early August!

BTOB-BLUE is BTOB’s first sub-unit that includes Eunkwang, Hyunsik, Changsub and Sungjae, the vocal line of the group.


BTOB-BLUE made their debut in 2016 with their digital single “Stand By Me”, which will make their upcoming release their first comeback in 2 years.


Korean netizens are extremely excited for this long-awaited comeback!

  • “Omg BTOB-BLUE is releasing an album!!!!!!!!!”
  • “This is crazy! The best surprise ever!!!”
  • “This is daebak!!”
  • “I love you guys!!”
  • “I hope they’ll have more songs this time!”
  • “I’m soooo happy. You have my full support!!!”
  • “Daebak!! BTOB-BLUE!!! I can’t wait!”
  • “I always support you four!”


Back in 2017, Hyunsik revealed a spoiler for one of the songs he had written called “If It Rains”, indicating that it will probably be released sometime in the next year (2018).


In early July this year, Hyunsik sang a verse of the song through a live broadcast and indicated that yes, it was another spoiler.


And since news of the sub-unit’s comeback, fans are now hoping that “If It Rains” will finally be released through BTOB-BLUE’s new album!

  • “Omg omg this is the spoiler Hyunsik posted on his Instagram!! Finally!!! What we’ve all been waiting for!! I can’t wait!”
  • “Let’s go ‘If It Rains’!!!”
  • “Wow, maybe we’ll get to hear it at their concert!! Will we finally be able to hear BTOB-BLUE’s ‘If It Rains’???”
  • “Is it ‘If It Rains’?? Omg…”
  • “Here’s to BTOB-BLUE’s success!! Come on, ‘If It Rains’!”
  • “This is crazy. Is it finally ‘If It Rains’?”


Meanwhile, BTOB has recently released their 10th mini album “This Is Us”, which has placed them in the upper ranks of music charts, and has renewed their contract with Cube Entertainment, fulfilling their vow to fans to be together forever.

Source: Star News and Naver