Fans express excitement for IU’s new song on upcoming drama “Producer”

After it was revealed that IU would be releasing a new song through her upcoming drama Producer, fans expressed their excitement and anticipation for the track.

Originally rumored to be making her comeback in April, fans were disappointed that the singer would delay her next release until after Producer, but also excited for her comeback as an actress. At the announcement that IU would be releasing a new song for the drama, however, fans rejoiced.

Acting as a veteran singer in the upcoming KBS2 drama, IU is set to release a new song as part of her character. A representative from her agency LOEN Entertainment added, “The song was made with IU’s character in mind from the start. She is currently giving her best effort and focusing on filming for the drama.”

Fans reacted quite positively to the announcement, leaving their thoughts and messages of encouragement regarding the upcoming track and IU’s role in the drama on sites such as Star News.

1. [+5,844, -374] She’ll be fine as long as her acting hits at least average… and there’s nothing to hate regarding her music so I’m totally for her participating in the OST.

2. [+4,029, -414] A song she’s singing in a drama as the role of a 23 year old singer… Looking forward to a great drama from all the cast and staff!

3. [+3,355, -687] She’s good at everything so looking forward to it! Do well!

4. [+318, -102] I was already going to watch this for Gong Hyo Jin and Kim Soo Hyun but IU’s new song on top of that? ㅋㅋ Even better

5. [+266, -100] It’s hard to dislike IU because she already works so hard on her main career as a singer.. and has the best talents to back it up. What I don’t like are idols who aren’t even good at their main careers but try to get into acting anyway…

Producer also recently released its first video teaser.

Source: Star News