Fans Find More Evidence That Longtime SM Entertainment Trainees Lami and Koeun Have Left The Agency

They shared their evidence.

Fans have been compiling evidence that popular SM Entertainment trainees Lami and Koeun both decided to leave the company, and their latest discovery may be the last piece of proof that they needed.

Earlier in the month, fans discovered an Instagram account that they believed to be Lami’s, and the account was followed by former SM Entertainment trainee Herin. SM Entertainment trainees are not allowed to have personal social media accounts.

In addition, a widely circulated post on Twitter shared that both Lami and Koeun left the agency, with Koeun even searching for a part-time job, now that she is no longer a trainee.

Finally, fans just recently noticed that both Lami and Koeun have been removed from the SM Rookies Naver page, leaving only Hina and Ningning on the page.