Fans Furious Over CROSS GENE’s Label For Using Them As Sexual Hosts

Fans of idol group CROSS GENE (CandY) have criticized the group’s label Amuse Korea for their treatment of group member Takuya.

Takuya was recently cast in a Japanese host-style musical, causing many fans to show their concern and opposition.

Fans were furious at the idea that Takuya would have serve as a host and compete in an “auction-style” bid for popularity.

Similar host-style shows have also come under fire for forcing the actors to perform over-the-top fan service to members of the audience, including hugging and kissing.

In response to the criticisms they’ve been receiving, their label Amuse Korea released an official response, explaining that both the artist team and Takuya himself have reviewed the role before confirming his participation. 

Unsatisfied with their response, fans have started the hashtag #크로스진은_가수입니다 to protest Takuya’s casting in the host-themed drama.

Fans all over the world have started using the hashtag, hoping to grab the attention of Amuse Korea and change their opinion about the show.