ITZY Fans Happy To See Recent Update Of Lia During Her Hiatus

The idol has been on hiatus for a month.

On September 18, JYP Entertainment released a statement regarding ITZY member Lia’s health concerns, which had led to a temporary pause in her professional engagements. The singer had been experiencing high levels of tension and anxiety relating to her demanding schedule. After medical consultations, it was advised that Lia take some time off to focus on her health and receive the necessary treatment.

| JYP Entertainment

The decision for Lia to take a hiatus was made after discussing the situation with the other members of ITZY. JYP Entertainment stressed that the timing for Lia’s return to her activities will be determined after sufficient discussions with her and the rest of the group.


Meanwhile, Lia has communicated with her fans through handwritten letters posted on ITZY’s official Instagram account. In her letters, she reflects on her six-year journey with the group and acknowledges the precious moments she has had while also recognizing a personal loss of self amidst her career demands.

I think we really continously overcame many things that happened. In that process, of course there are many memories we made together, and many happy moments. Although these are so precious to me, I’ve come to realize that I’ve slowly been losing myself as I ran forward.

— Lia on her letter


Since the hiatus announcement, there was a quiet period where fans hadn’t heard much regarding Lia’s status. The assumption was that Lia was taking the necessary time to rest and recover. However, a recent update shared by one of her friends brought a wave of joy across the ITZY fandom. In a photo collage, Lia was seen enjoying a casual day out with two of her friends, looking cheerful and seemingly living life to the fullest.

| @CJSGLOBAL/Twitter


This update was received with immense positivity by fans on social media. Seeing Lia in a happy and relaxed state has reassured fans about her well-being during this hiatus. The images reflect a cheerful and relaxed Lia, which is a contrast to the tense scenario that led to her taking a break. This glimpse of her personal life, where she is seen enjoying ordinary moments with friends, has brought a sense of relief and happiness to MIDZYs.

| @CJSGLOBAL/Twitter

The hope now among the ITZY fandom is that Lia is on a good path of recovery and will soon be ready to rejoin her group members on stage. The recent update has certainly brought a lot of optimism and has been a reassuring sign that the ITZY star is utilizing this break to rejuvenate and come back stronger.

The love and support from the fans continue to pour in for Lia as they patiently wait for her return, cherishing the positive glimpses of her life that come their way in the meantime.