“I’ve Slowly Been Losing Myself…” — ITZY’s Lia Pens Handwritten Letter To Fans About Her Pause In Activities

Get well soon, Lia!

It was previously announced that ITZY’s Lia would be halting promotions due to health problems, including anxiety and nerves.

Regarding the news, Lia personally penned a letter to MIDZY, to reassure them of her status.

Lia’s letter. | @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

Hello MIDZY.

I think our MIDZYs would’ve been shocked after finding out about today’s news. Whenever I am even the least bit sick, it is MIDZY who worries for me more than anyone else. So, I was worried that you guys would be sad and hurt over today’s news. But I also know that you guys are the ones who know me better than anyone else, and trust in me. So, I was able to gain courage, knowing that you guys will understand me and wait for me.

It’s somehow become 6 years since I met the other members with the same dream and have come this far! It is entirely thanks to the members and MIDZY that we were able to make it here after all that time.

I think we really continously overcame many things that happened. In that process, of course there are many memories we made together, and many happy moments. Although these are so precious to me, I’ve come to realize that I’ve slowly been losing myself as I ran forward.

As I am the most thankful to you guys, I also want to provide you with lots of love and happiness. I thought that in order to do that, I need to take some time right now and first love myself, filling myself up.

Just as I’ve always been saying, I sincerely hope that MIDZYs will be happy. I will come back healthy, so that I am able to pay you back for waiting and worrying for me. I’m always thankful, and I love you.

— Lia

Although many fans are worried about Lia, we’re sure that she will make a speedy recovery for the sake of MIDZY!