Fans Are Impressed By ASTRO Moonbin’s Quick Thinking During A Performance Of “WHO”

He was subtle you almost wouldn’t notice!

Recently ASTRO‘s subunit of Moonbin and Sanha had a comeback with their second mini album, REFUGE.

Their pre-release single “Ghost Town” was met with immense enthusiasm by fans as Moonbin and Sanha shocked them both with their fluent-sounding English…

… and melodic rapping.

And now, REFUGE is being met with the same high-level enthusiasm. Fans are in awe of their immense talent in singing and dancing.

As well as their acting abilities, their perfect facial expressions bringing the sultry concept to the next level.

And fans are, of course, loving their visuals and styling.

Even if they’re joking about the duo looking more like hotdogs than exorcists.

But in a recent performance of title track “WHO,” fans are noticing that Moonbin was not only giving his all to the stage but that he was able to quickly and smoothly solve an unexpected problem.

Although it is not very obvious while watching their incredible performance, both because Moonbin and Sanha are so captivating and because Moonbin was so professional… fans are now realizing that Moonbin safely removed a loose piece of fabric from the stage mid-performance.

While performing on Mcountdown, Moonbin and Sanha were both wearing white shirts with large pieces of fabric hanging down.

During the performance, one of the pieces of fabric fell off of Sanha’s outfit, which, of course, can be dangerous as the idols still have to keep performing.

ASTRO’s Sanha (left) and Moonbin (right) | M2/YouTube 

Both Moonbin and Sanha handled it professionally, avoiding the fabric and continuing dancing like nothing had happened.

But as soon as there was a part in the choreography where Moonbin stands behind Sanha, Moonbin took the opportunity to crouch down and quickly grab the piece of fabric.

| M2/YouTube 

The idol then threw the fabric to the far side of the stage, where one of the backup dancers picked the fabric up and got it off stage.

| M2/YouTube 

ASTRO are all definitely experienced performers, but Moonbin was truly flawless in how professionally he handled the situation.

You can watch the Mcountdown performance here.

You can watch Moonbin’s fancam here.

You can watch Sanha’s fancam here.