Fans Upset at JYP Entertainment For Unfair Treatment Towards DAY6

They were left out.

Fans of JYP Entertainment boy band, DAY6, have recently expressed their anger at the agency for neglecting the group. Calling it “discrimination” and “unfair treatment”, fans discovered that the band was left out of a promotional lineup for JYP Entertainment’s Japan Popup Cafe 2021.

The special cafe had a dish for each of their artists, including TWICE, 2PM, ITZY, NiziU, Stray Kids, and Park Jinyoung himself. However, it was obvious that DAY6 was nowhere to be seen.

| JYP Entertainment

Korean fans have called out the company for its unfair treatment.

  • “Why is JYP acting like that? If I were them, I would’ve pushed them hard when “She Was Pretty” blew up. I’m not sure how much they own but please push them. They’re from the same company so this is so upsetting.”
  • “Please treat DAY6 well.”

JYP Entertainment has not addressed this matter.

Source: Pann