Fans Are Living For The SEVENTEEN And TREASURE “Crumbs” At The “37th Golden Disc Awards”

Finally, some crumbs!

The 37th Golden Disc Awards recently took place in Bangkok, Thailand. The show featured a star-studded line-up including BTS‘s J-Hope,  SEVENTEENENHYPENIVEStray KidsNewJeans(G)-IDLELE SSERAFIM, and TREASURE, and fans were able to watch their faves take home awards!

In addition to the amazing performances, fans also have been able to enjoy their favorite artists interacting, like the viral moment between SEVENTEEN‘s DK and Joshua and NewJeans, as the latter left the artist area to accept their award.

Speaking of SEVENTEEN, fans have been going wild for the interactions between the group and YG Entertainment‘s TREASURE!

While TREASURE have had plenty of opportunities to interact with other artists, like their friendship with Stray Kids members and their viral interactions with J-Hope, fans have been waiting for moments with SEVENTEEN.

SEVENTEEN’s Dino and TREASURE’s Choi Hyunsuk were both parts of the “Golden Bunnies” portion of the show celebrating the idols born in the year of the rabbit.

The “crumbs” only got better through the night, from TREASURE greeting SEVENTEEN as they were seated…

…to Hoshi jamming to “JIKJIN” and giving the group a thumbs up.

Fans especially loved when Jihoon greeted S. Coups and Wonwoo as SEVENTEEN left the artist area to accept their award. In addition to bowing to his sunbaes, each greeted him with a pat on the back!

Fans have been too excited online and have shown how much they loved these little “crumbs” their faves gave them!