TREASURE Once Again Go Viral At The 2022 MAMA Awards For Their Iconic Interactions With BTS’s J-Hope

TREASURE truly made their mark at this year’s event in so many ways!

As one of the hottest groups in the world, it isn’t surprising that the members of TREASURE were probably some of the hottest stars to attend the recent 2022 MAMA Awards.

The members of TREASURE on night one of the 2022 MAMA Awards | Mnet

Whether it was member Yoshi on the first event or the members absolutely killing on with their performance on the second night, the group unsurprisingly kept going viral.


Well, it seems like the group continues to go viral on social media as new clips are released from fans attending the event.

In particular, the members are gaining attention for their interactions and reactions with BTS‘s J-Hope, who attended the second day of the 2022 MAMA Awards.

BTS’s J-Hope at the 2022 MAMA Awards | Osen

Although this was shown by the cameras, later interactions had ARMYs and TEUMEs soft AF and gained hundreds of thousands of views.

J-Hope went up to receive an award for BTS, and as J-Hope got up, he started bowing to the junior artists, including TREASURE. While many of the idols politely congratulated the idol, TREASURE truly showcased their full reactions enthusiastically, particularly Yoshi and Hyunsuk.

When the show finished, although the cameras didn’t capture all of them, the idols flocked to the stage and had some adorable interactions.

One video that went viral showed that while on stage, the members were being extremely polite and bowing at everyone that was approaching them. At one point, the group saw J-Hope and bowed to him.

| @JJOO14/Twitter 

Eagle-eyed netizens then noticed that as J-Hope was passing the group, he acknowledged all the members and gave Jihoon a small pat on the back.

| @JJOO14/Twitter

Another clip came while J-Hope was doing his spectacular performances at the end of the show. Of course, it captured the hearts of everyone watching, with his unreal concept and stage presence that cemented his legendary status.

A lucky fan shared a video that showed that, along with fans, even the idols were shaken by the performance.

While watching J-Hope’s performance, the members of TREASURE in the video (Asahi, Haruto, Junkyu, and Jeongwoo) were truly immersed in the whole performance.

| @820Hiii/Twitter

When the beat dropped in the song, the members’ expressions changed as they started vibing along to the song like they were at a concert.

| @820Hiii/Twitter
| @820Hiii/Twitter       

A closeup fancam of Asahi also showcased the ARMY-like reactions to J-Hope’s performance.

| @820Hiii/Twitter

They even had the cutest reactions to hearing Jin‘s phone call when BTS won the “MAMA PLATINUM” award.

| @820Hiii/Twitter

Throughout the two days of the 2022 MAMA Awards, TREASURE was not afraid to truly showcase how much they were enjoying themselves. Whether it was interacting with other idols or performing in front of huge crowds, it was truly TREASURE’s time to shine.

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