Fans And Netizens Flock Online To Leave BTS’s Suga Encouragement In News Of His Shoulder Surgery And Hiatus

We hope for a speedy recovery.

ARMYs all over the world were shocked with the recent news of Suga‘s shoulder surgery and his temporary hiatus announcement. While they were sad and concerned upon hearing the news, they were quick to send the BTS member encouraging words during this time.

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Here’s what netizens and fans had to say:

| theqoo
  • “Don’t be hurt Yoongi…please come back when you’re fully healthy..we’ll always wait for you, we love you”
  • “Yoongi-ah recover well until we meet again”
  • “Yoongi-ah my heart is hurting…please come back healthy”
  • “Yoongi-ah please recover fully before returning, I love you”
  • “Yoongi-ah come back healthy”
  • “Yoongi-ah don’t hurt anymore. Please recover fully before we meet again. I’ll wait for you!!!”
  • “Yoongi-ah don’t be hurt…please hurry and feel better…let’s meet again soon”
  • “Yoongi-ah please don’t be hurt I love you”
  • “Min Yoongi don’t be hurt, please be healthy”
  • “Yoongi-ah recover fully before we meet again. Please be healthy”
  • “Our Yoongi I love you so much”
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Fans and netizens alike only want one thing and that is for Suga to recover fully before he stands on stage again. We will miss your smiling face but until we meet again, recover well Suga!

Source: theqoo and Vogue