Fans Once Again Concerned For Bang Si Hyuk’s Weight After His Public Appearance At BTS’s Concert

Fans are asking him to take care of his health.

Big Hit Entertainment CEO Bang Si Hyuk made an appearance at BTS‘s final concert for their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself extension of their world tour. During his appearance, fans were able to take and upload pictures of him outside the venue, and fans online showed their concern with his supposed weight gain.

Earlier this year, Bang Si Hyuk attended a UNICEF event, where he showed off his weight loss.

Big Hit CEO Bang Si Hyuk Stuns Fans With His Recent Weight Loss

Bang Si Hyuk was spotted outside Seoul Olympic Stadium prior to the start of the concert, surrounded by bodyguards

Fans also noticed that he was carrying several bags full of concert merchandise.


But the other thing fans noticed was how Bang Si Hyuk appeared to have gained weight again.

Compared to his pictures at the UNICEF event in August, he does appear to have gained some weight

Fans of BTS have also left comments, hoping that he will try to take care of his own health a little more.

  • His health is at the point where it could be dangerous…. He should be taking better care of himself, for the better of his own health.
  • At this level, is there a problem with his health? He was chubby on Birth of a Great Star but not to this level.
  • It looks like Bang-hyung gained some weight.
  • Please take care of your self… At that level… During a health examination… I’m sure they would tell him to lose weight… Or else he could even die… He has so much.. but if he’s not healthy.. what’s the point?
  • He has become so rich, but he could even lose his life without spending it.
  • You have earned so much money, now please look after your health.