Fans Outraged At Kang Daniel’s Light Stick Colors Being Similar To Other Idol Members

Fans from other idols are asking for a response regarding Kang Daniel’s lightstick colors.

On November 14, Kang Daniel released his official lightstick, which had a simple design with his initials ‘KD’ on the inside.

Fans from other idol members, however, are not pleased with the color choices for his lightstick. Kang Daniel’s lightstick has the option to change into three different color ranges. Fans of Park Jihoon, Kim Jae Hwan, and Ha Sung Woon noticed that the colors were very similar to their official colors.

Fans of Yoon Ji Sung pointed out that the color of the goods of both idols was similar, as well.


Below are additional photos comparing Kang Daniel and other idol members’ official goods and lighsticks.



It became a big issue with #강다니엘_표절 (#KangDaniel_Plagiarism) trending on Twitter. Fans are posting comments online asking KONNECT Entertainment to release feedback regarding this matter.





What are your thoughts on this? Do you think they look similar?

Source: nate pann

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