Fans Outraged At Reporter Who Leaked Sulli’s Funeral Location

Reporter who leaked location of Sulli’s funeral is under fire.

Reporter Kang Hyojin and the location of Sulli’s funeral made its way on the real time search engine list, shocking fans.

Despite the fact that SM Entertainment and Sulli’s family’s made a firm request to respect their privacy by keeping all locations private, a news article was posted leaking the information.

Many netizens believed that maybe the article had released before the official statement from the family, but seeing that the article was not revised or deleted even after the family’s request to stay private caused many fans to be upset.

A netizen who revealed themselves to be the sister of Kang Hyojin made a comment online stating that it was not Kang who wrote the article but one of her superiors who used her name to publish the article.

She commented,


After the incident, they changed the name of the reporter to my sister. I am so upset and frustrated that a superior would use their employees to post something like this. I am so upset that her face is now known to the public and is receiving hate for something that she did not do. Other reporters who don’t know the whole story are releasing news about this. I am so mad that my sister, who had been expressing her condolences for this incident, has had to have received this unnecessary backlash. The company has not released any statement to clarify the situation either. The only thing I can do as a sister is post the truth.

The netizen’s comment is currently unconfirmed and the media company has yet to make a statement on the issue.

Sulli was confirmed to have passed away on October 14 at her Seongnam house.

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Source: ksm news

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