Late Sulli’s Brother Posts An Emotional Letter On Instagram 1 Year After Her Passing

“This is so frustrating. I feel sad.” — Choi Dae Hee

It’s been 1 year since Sulli‘s passing, so many fans have been paying their respects to the late star.

And Sulli’s big brother, Choi Dae Hee also took to his Instagram account to share an emotional letter of her own.

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In the post, Sulli’s brother expressed his joy of getting to chat with her again during his next visit.

I’m happy at the thought that I get to see you after such a long time. I should visit you more often. I’m sorry.

— Choi Dae Hee

| @dhee.c_/Instagram

Not only did Sulli’s brother reveal that he’s been opening up to Sulli only after her passing, but he shared both this frustration and sadness.

I have a lot to tell you this time, so listen to everything I say, okay? The truth is, I’ve been having a hard time these days. I feel like I’m finally telling you all the things I’ve been hiding. You’ll listen, right? I wish you would come at me and fight like old times. This is so frustrating. I feel sad.

— Choi Dae Hee


He then concluded his letter by stressing that the family is doing all right and wishing Sulli the best in Heaven.

The family is doing all right, so don’t worry. Just make sure you’re doing well in Heaven. If anyone harasses you, tell me, okay? I love you, my beautiful sister.

— Choi Dae Hee

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