K-Pop Fans Point Out Similarities Between Crush And Red Velvet Joy’s Songs

They’re totally on the same wavelength!

Red Velvet‘s Joy and soloist Crush recently announced that they’re dating, and fans noticed similarities between two of their songs!

Red Velvet’s Joy (left) and Crush (right) | @neomonade/Twitter

A K-Pop fan on Twitter pointed out that Crush’s “Step by Step” and Joy’s “Day by Day” seem to convey similar messages.

Crush’s “Step by Step” was released in 2020 as part of his mini album, With Her. The song features Yoon Mirae.

Crush and Yoon Mirae in the studio together during a recording session for “Step by Step” | Crush/YouTube

Joy’s “Day by Day” is from her 2021 remake album, Hello. The song was originally released in 1999 by As One, a female R&B duo.

Joy performing “Day by Day” | KBS Kpop/YouTube

Both songs were released after Crush and Joy joined forces for their duet, “Mayday.”

| Crush/YouTube

“Step by Step” is about wanting to be in a relationship with someone but letting them set the pace and decide when to take things to the next level.

| Crush/YouTube

“Day by Day” is about asking someone to be patient with you as your love for them grows a bit more every day and you slowly open up to them.

| Red Velvet/YouTube

Crush wrote the lyrics for “Step by Step,” and Joy chose to include “Day by Day” on her remake album.

Although there’s no official confirmation that “Step by Step” and “Day by Day” reveal Crush and Joy’s feelings for each other, fans definitely seem to think that these songs contain the couple’s messages to each other!

We may never know the true meaning behind “Step by Step” and Joy’s decision to remake “Day by Day,” but we wish Crush and Joy all the best!



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