Fans Praise ASTRO Cha Eunwoo’s “Real Voice” Over His “Broadcast Voice”

He’s been using a different way of speaking all along!

ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo is one of the hottest stars on the market at the moment. Despite his young age at only 24 years old internationally, he’s been raking in the bucks due to his stunning visuals and talent. Fans who have been following his updates closely recently realized that the star has two different voices.

The first is his original voice. His real voice is lower in pitch and slightly husky. This is the voice he uses more often in situations where he is comfortable or needs to have a lower voice tone. In fact, it is so unique that his ASTRO members love to try to copy it!

The second is his “broadcast voice”, or what fans have been calling his “capitalistic voice”. This voice comes out when he’s doing voiceovers for advertisements or needs to sound sweet and bright for a role.

Compare the two for yourself below. The first few seconds of the voiceover are his “capitalistic voice” while everything after he begins washing his face is his “real voice” when he addresses the camera directly.

It is a skill in itself to manipulate one’s voice, so we have to give him credit for tuning his tool to suit his craft. However, fans are clamoring for more of his real voice.

  • “Wow I always thought his voice sounded like he was forcing it, I guess it’s true.”
  • “Wow I never knew. His original tone is so good, what’s up with that.”
  • “It’s f*cking great??”
  • “His original voice is a little husky so it’s super charming. Why was he hiding this? He has literally everything.”
  • “No but wow, his original voice is way better.”
  • “When he’s doing acting on the usual, it kind of sounds like a voice that was dubbed over after filming so I didn’t like it but his real voice is good??”
  • “Wait a minute… I like this so much.”
  • “But still, he lowered his voice in True Beauty compared to My ID Is Gangnam Beauty so it was better.”
| theqoo

Fans even wondered if his company had asked him to change his voice. This can happen sometimes. Take BLACKPINK‘s Rosé for example, who famously sounds different pre and post debut on recorded songs. IU also sounds vastly different when she is singing versus when she is talking. Here’s a comparison of Rosé’s voices.

Do you know any other idols that have gone through this?

Source: theqoo