Fans Preemptively Rally In Support Of VIVIZ SinB Ahead Of “Queendom” Appearance

They’re hoping Mnet won’t do her dirty again.

Recently-debuted girl group VIVIZ was confirmed to be competing on Mnet‘s Queendom 2 reality show not long ago.

VIVIZ | @VIVIZ_official/Twitter

The three members of VIVIZ were all previously part of the group GFriend, which debuted in 2015, so although this group is new, the girls already have many years of experience as idols and plenty of loyal fans following them.

| @VIVIZ_official/Twitter

Because of all this prior experience, the group’s Queendom 2 announcement was met with apprehension. Specifically, fans are concerned for SinB.

SinB | @VIVIZ_official/Twitter

Why are they worried? Well, it’s less to do with SinB herself than with the way fans fear she’ll be represented in the show. The root of fans’ concern is her somewhat stern-looking neutral facial expressions, which have actually drawn a fuss in the past.

Though fans know how fun-loving and sweet SinB is in reality, the look on her face can often fail to reflect that, and many fans are fearful that she will become a victim of Mnet’s “evil editing” and be made to look like a villain on the show.

And it’s not like fans are worrying without cause. SinB has actually been a victim of this evil editing before.

Fans are now trying to get ahead of the curve in hopes Mnet won’t pull the same stunt again, and an article even trended on Nate Pann explaining that SinB’s face just naturally looks like that.

Fans suspect SinB may endeavor to be more conscious of her facial expressions to avoid this sort of negative editing as well.

We certainly hope Mnet is taking notes and won’t give SinB the villain edit treatment, but we’ll just have to wait and see when the show begins airing on March 31st. No matter what, we’ll be looking forward to the performances the show will give us!

Source: Nate Pann