BTS Fans Send A Truck To Big Hit, Requesting Fair Treatment For Jin

This protest is drawing mixed reactions from ARMY.

Fans are taking matters into their own hands to request fair treatment for BTS‘s Jin.

On August 21, BTS released their first music video for “Dynamite”, a disco-inspired summer bop. Some fans were not happy with Jin’s line distribution and screen time, as they felt that both were lacking, compared to his members’.

This discontent continued to grow when BTS released their acoustic and EDM remixes of “Dynamite” on August 24. According to fans, Jin’s part in the song was either entirely removed from the EDM remix or edited to the point of being inaudible. In response, disgruntled fans trended “BTS is 7”, “Seokjin”, and more on Twitter to request changes, express their thoughts, and show support for Jin.

Now, “International Seokjinnies” have stationed a protest truck outside of BTS’s agency, Big Hit Entertainment, to speak up on Jin’s behalf. This move has drawn mixed reactions from ARMYs.

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Some ARMYs are showing their support for the truck by sharing photos of it and tweeting the hashtag #BigHitLetJinShine.


Other ARMYs feel that “International Seokjinnies” are out of line, and that the truck will lead to a negative rather than positive outcome. Some say that Jin will feel embarrassed rather than appreciative of the truck, and that fans should not be meddling.

In addition to fans’ request for fair treatment, the truck displays photos of Jin and large text that highlights his achievements in the music industry.

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