Jin Was Left Out Of The “Dynamite” Remix, Fans Respond With “BTS Is 7”

ARMYs are tired of this mistake happening to the members.

Once again, fans are letting the world know that BTS is not BTS without all seven members. This time, it’s on Jin‘s behalf.

Less than two weeks ago, ARMY trended “BTS is 7” when V‘s name was left out of the cast and crew credits for BTS’s upcoming docu-film, Break The Silence: The Movie. V has been accidentally left out of content several times, but he’s not the only member this has happened to.

On August 24, BTS released two remixes of their smash hit “Dynamite”. One is an EDM remix, the other is acoustic. According to fans, Jin’s part in the song (which was short to begin with) was entirely removed from the EDM remix.

In response, fans are now trending “BTS is 7”, Jin’s real name, “Seokjin”, and several supportive hashtags to call attention to the issue while cheering Jin on.

They are hoping that Big Hit Entertainment will address the problem and take care to prevent similar situations from happening to BTS in the future.