Fans Raise Concerns About SM Entertainment’s Treatment Of EXO’s Sehun After He Is Reportedly “Excluded” From Line-Up For SMTOWN LIVE

Fans want an explanation.

SM Entertainment will be holding their family concert series SMTOWN LIVE in August, and fans are raising some questions about the line-up, particularly regarding EXO‘s Sehun.

EXO’s Sehun

SMTOWN LIVE is coming after five years away. While fans got to see their favorite artists perform online, SMTOWN 2022 is being highly anticipated as the first chance to see SM Entertainment’s impressive line-up of artists in person once again.


SM Entertainment announced the full line-up on July 12. Fans are excited to see the members of Girls’ Generation performing together again, as well as EXO’s D.O., whose singing performances have been sorely missed by EXO-Ls.

Yet, as happy as fans are to see D.O., Kai, Xiumin, Suho, and Chen perform as EXO, many were disappointed to find that Sehun’s name was not included in SM Entertainment’s line-up announcement.

While SHINee‘s Onew was also not included, his omission had a clear reason, as he is currently carrying out solo activities in Japan.

Yet, EXO-Ls could not see a clear reason for Sehun’s exclusion, especially since he is reportedly currently not involved in any projects and, of course, has plenty of options in terms of stages.

This has led to allegations of poor treatment of Sehun by SM Entertainment, though it’s not the first time. Fans have pointed out several instances in which Sehun was allegedly treated poorly by the company, including in his career as an actor and model.

Following the line-up announcement for SMTOWN LIVE, Sehun trended on Twitter under different hashtags including #STOP NORMALIZING MISTREATMENT.

Fans have enjoyed Sehun’s modeling and acting projects so far, but they are also really looking forward to seeing him perform as an idol again, which is why his unexplained exclusion feels unfair.

Yet, as much as EXO-Ls want to see idol Sehun perform again, the main thing they are asking of SM Entertainment is simply an explanation.

There are reports that Sehun’s absence from SMTOWN LIVE is due to conflicting schedules…

…though it has yet to be confirmed as of this writing. Hopefully, Sehun will get the chance to perform with his members soon!