SM Entertainment’s Family Concert SMTOWN LIVE Returns In-Person After 5 Years

It’s back in person!

SM Entertainment’s family concert series SMTOWN LIVE will return after five years away.

SM Entertainment has shared in a press release that their SMTOWN LIVE series will return on August 20 with SMTOWN LIVE 2022 : SMCU EXPRESS @HUMAN CITY_SUWON. This will be the first in-person concert for SMTOWN LIVE since 2017. Fans will be able to expect SM Entertainment’s full lineup of artists and colorful stages that showcase each artists’ individuality.

The concept for the concert will be a compilation of performances that will tour the major cities of the world on the SMCU EXPRESS. Currently, four concerts are planned, with August 20 being the Korea concert and August 27-29 at the Tokyo Dome.

The exact lineup of artists has not yet been announced.