Fans Raise Over A Million Dollars As Part Of Crowdfunding Project To Relaunch IZ*ONE

Here’s all we know about the project.

As it was previously announced that IZ*ONE would be disbanding in April without a contract extension, fans have been antsy as the day inches closer. A group of fans have recently launched the “Parallel Universe Project”, which plans to raise funds to relaunch the group as a way to prevent disbandment.

In just 10 minutes of opening the project, 73% of funding was already reached. This was a whopping ₩737,855,670 KRW ($700,000 USD). This was raised by Korean fans only as international funding was not open.

| Parallel Universe Project

According to fans on theqoo, after just 21 minutes, 120% of the goal was reached, with over ₩1,200,000,000 KRW ($1,072,827 USD) collected. Currently, the funds sit at over 2 million USD. The project plans to reach out to the various companies for meetings through MakeStar, a crowdfunding company that helps fans to achieve their dreams for their idols.

How the funding will be used include a three-step plan. Firstly, the project will contact each of the individual companies that house the members of IZ*ONE and use the funding to negotiate with them. Next, they will provide the fans who have funded the project online certificates to prove that they were part of the project. Lastly, they will personally email those that have funded the project with the results of the discussions with the companies as well as any other new information.

| Parallel Universe Project

This is how the certificates for participants will look like.

| Parallel Universe Project

Although the results of the funding and project are not out yet, it is evident that fans strongly want the group to stay together! Stay tuned for more updates.

Source: theqoo and Parallel Universe

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