ATEEZ Fans Rejoice After Hearing Mingi’s Voice During Yunho’s Birthday Broadcast

We hope both Mingi and Yunho know how happy they’ve made their fans!

During a live broadcast to celebrate his birthday, ATEEZ‘s vocalist Yunho received a phone call from their rapper Mingi–and ATINYs went crazy for all the right reasons.

ATEEZ’s Mingi (right) and Yunho (left). | KQ Entertainment

It’s not unusual for members of a group to call one another for their birthday broadcasts, but in this case, it’s a bit more than that: this is only the second time fans have had the chance to hear Mingi’s voice live since November of last year, when he started his hiatus for mental health reasons.

After picking up the call, Yunho put it on speaker so that Mingi could leave a message for the fans.

Fans were so excited to hear his voice again that they crashed V Live!

The app surely couldn’t handle the outpour of love for both the members at once, so we can only imagine what will happen when Mingi returns from his break.

Fans found it adorable to see Yunho and Mingi interacting again, even if it was just on the phone.

For many new fans, this was their first time ever hearing his voice live! Regardless, both older and newer fans were incredibly happy to hear from him again, and it only upped their anticipation for his return.


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